Continental High Roast

man with exploding head on drinking the coffee

Roasted to be "black as midnight on a moonless night".
A no holds barred brew. While it may not contain any more caffeine than our other coffees the effect is immediate and if you are planning an all night session for whatever purpose then this may be the answer.
The name of the roast however is curious. The implication in the name is that this is how they roast the coffee on the Continent. Yet anybody who has travelled around Europe will know that it really is a more Southern European roast. My personal theory is that if you wind the clock back to a time before package holidays, before motorways and ro-ro cross Channel ferries, a time when the UK really was a tea drinking nation then this style of roast was an easy way to unload cheaper tasteless coffees on an unsuspecting public. Now to be fair with this roast you could easily argue that it is not about taste - it's about effect. However when the effect starts to wear off the we'd like to think that you'll notice this is smooth, pleasant and not at all like industrial paint stripper.

A single estate arabica coffee, the rest is a trade secret!
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